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KreekCraft is a Roblox content creator with an aggregated YouTube subscriber base of over 10 million people. Known for his positive energy and exceptional sense of humour, Kreek has amassed a young and enthusiastic audience for his own brand, while also directing his creative talents to game studio, Pixel Playground.


FWRD were brought in to support KreekCraft’s merchandise and branding uplift, with an entirely new selection of apparel and accessories, as well as full site structure, layout and graphics.


Working closely with KreekCraft and his supporting organisation, Misfits Gaming Group, FWRD designed and developed a new look ecommerce platform, maintaining the bright colour palette and light hearted tone of voice that is synonymous with the client, but bringing key visuals in line with current branding.

Moreover, we produced both digital and photographic marketing materials, providing consistent assets for all shop items, and also using illustrative and motion designed elements to drive engaging movement on the site.

Finally, we delivered a robust and extensive CRM package, complete with automations and scalable strategy. This was in order to create a long term, audience nurturing process roadmap.


A successful launch which was driven by a brilliant trademark Kreek streaming live to over 30,000 people on YouTube, which FWRD were delighted to be a part of, resulted in exceptional day one sales on a global scale, continuing at steady and encouraging pace over the following weeks.

In addition to this, we saw the CRM automations flourish, accounting for approximately 25% of generated revenue to date.

“Our collaboration with FWRD Agency has been nothing short of phenomenal. From strategic planning to web development, and through to digital marketing, logistics, and customer support, their team has provided us with exceptional service that is both comprehensive and unparalleled. FWRD Agency has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to deliver superior quality work, even when constrained by incredibly tight deadlines, consistently going above and beyond our expectations. Their impeccable attention to detail, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence have not only significantly elevated our digital presence but have also greatly enhanced our operational capacities and customer engagements. Very grateful to have FWRD Agency as a partner in this space.”

Darroll Jenkins, SVP Merchandise & Consumer Products, Misfits Gaming Group

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