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Established with a vision to revolutionize how companies venture into the vibrant world of esports, ELO Agency leads the way in crafting strategic plans for esports events. In a time where esports offers a unique avenue to engage with the younger audience, the importance of flawlessly executed events cannot be emphasized enough.

ELO Agency is committed to working closely with clients to not just meet but surpass their strategic goals.

With over 30 years of combined experience, the ELO Agency team combines extensive industry expertise with aforward-thinking approach to esports. Working for major industry players like Fnatic, ESL, and FACEIT, the ELO Agency team has been instrumental in organizing and contributing to some of the most monumental events in esports history.

A true endemic events partner in the competitive gaming arena, ELO Agency was founded on true Veterancy in industry experience, and professionally navigates the complex array of specific esportschallenges that demands nuanced understanding and strategy.

ELO offers end-to-end esports event management support, fromstrategic planning to flawless execution, ensuring partners journeys culminate in success.

FWRD and ELO collaborated to consolidate the event agency’s keycreative elements, and integrate the broader brand under onebranding bible.


The unique challenge brought forward by ELO Agency was rooted in culture.

How do you create an attractive logo proposition for the youthful esports industry professionals, but also something that could be considered ‘corporate viable’?

Our creatives brought inspiration from simply not overcomplicating. Core logo marks that were easily readable and digestible from all standpoints, but still harbored the modern subtleties demanded in millennial/gen-z dominated grounds.

After close and fruitful collaboration, we landed on a logo that appealed in both areas; that felt established and mighty, but still attractive and approachable; mature, but still belonging in the esports space.


Following the branding establishment, we set about bringing the existing ELO website in line to the same vein discussed before: keeping the modern feel but still being digestible for diverse audiences

.Given the 30 years of collective experience in competitive video gaming and events, a large portion of this was distilling a wide array of tentpole successes into a format that they would not have been overwhelming - a good headache to have!

This was added to by a wealth of testimonials, but again, these were fantastic to have and be able to really give shine and vibrance to the company’s previous work.

Overall, FWRD have managed to redesign a webspace that gives excellent account of ELO’s stellar experience and service offering, and have set the new venture on good footing from an advertising consumer perspective.

“Before launching ELO Agency, we had decided that our visual brand was key for our business. So, working with FWRD was an extremely rewarding process and crucial to the launch of our business.

FWRD guided us step by step through the process of creating ELO, seeing it coming to life with the support of their creativity and skill.

They listened to our wishes and executed it flawlessly, going above and beyond what we had expected and asked, always making suggestions and tweaks to make things better.”

Alex Bennett, Founder/CEO, Just Media

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