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Locked In is a podcast delivered by host Ian Bick in which former convicts, addicts, law enforcement, lawyers, and people from all walks of life discuss trauma and overcoming immense struggle. The podcaster has amassed an enormous listener base who tune in twice a week to hear guests’ stories.

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Client Ian Bick

Project type Branding / Website Design

Release 2023

The aim We were tremendously excited to work with Ian. Having grown his channels over a relatively short period of time, our client was keen to match his social media footprint with a premium website presence that was adaptable to desktop and mobile, and framed for a contemporary audience.

The remedy FWRD has constructed a centralised hub for all of Locked In’s content, showcasing the host and guest talent through a modern and vibrant lens. Now, as well as acting as a directory for Ian’s audience, the new site design flourishes in a mature and contrasting colour palette. It is now in itself a content platform that incorporates all of our clients latest content, a sharpened CRM mechanism, contact portal and more.

The result The Locked In website now stands as a professional face that such an exciting young brand deserves. The site is clean and visually appealing, bringing all content within comfortable reach while still maintaining a spacious architecture.

‘…Huge shoutout to the team at FWRD, who recently came on board to redo my website,, and give it a more professional look. I was shocked by how fast they were able to get the job done, and how easy they are to work with.’
Ian Bick, Host of Locked In with Ian Bick/Founder at Creative Evolution Studios

Desktop website design

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