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Florida Mayhem is a franchisee of the Overwatch League and daughter company of Misfits Gaming Group, an organisation with prevalent roots in the esports industry and video games entertainment sphere.

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Client MGG Florida Mayhem

Project type Design

Release 2023

The aim FWRD has a long and successful history in working with the Mayhem, including brand establishment and development, digital marketing and content creation. Paramount to our project palette was the need to establish a well oiled supply chain infrastructure that would function across continental North America. In addition to this, a multi-year apparel and merchandise roadmap was to be developed, with seasonal and competition driven releases.

The remedy Working with both internal stakeholders, and globally established sports attire partner, Outerstuff, FWRD delivered multiple acclaimed product collections, showcasing Mayhem’s famed Vice style black and pink livery in physical product and digital marketing assets. We designed and developed a ground up ecommerce store, tailoring all creative to fit comfortably with the client’s visually stunning branding. In addition to this, automated CRM was established to nurture and grow an existing audience of over 25,000 contacts, while bespoke periodic promotions were also developed closely with the client and published. All of this was underpinned by a robust supply chain management system supported and managed completely in house, with additional customer support to maintain positive consumer experience across our internal channels as well as third party platforms such as Amazon marketplace.

The result We’re extremely proud of our ongoing relationship with Florida Mayhem and the impact this project has had on the long term effectiveness of these projects. With such an infrastructure now established, the organisation is now well positioned for future growth and sales operations, with ready integration to FWRD established ecommerce platforms.

‘Our collaboration with FWRD Agency has been nothing short of phenomenal. From strategic planning to web development, and through to digital marketing, logistics, and customer support, their team has provided us with exceptional service that is both comprehensive and unparalleled. FWRD Agency has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to deliver superior quality work, even when constrained by incredibly tight deadlines, consistently going above and beyond our expectations. Their impeccable attention to detail, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence have not only significantly elevated our digital presence but have also greatly enhanced our operational capacities and customer engagements. Very grateful to have FWRD Agency as a partner in this space.’
Darroll Jenkins, SVP Merchandise & Consumer Products, Misfits Gaming Group
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